DH runs with Gnar Gnar Tours at South Mountain

So looks like the last bike ride I am doing in 2011 is the DH runs, Holbert and Geronimo yesterday on South Mountain via Gnar Gnar Tours.

I had promised Pasch I would hit him up and take the shuttle up and make some runs all year. Well I finally put the POC gear to use! Fortunately I didn’t have to use any of it but I looked styli.  The 5″ travel bike I rode wasn’t quite as fast as the 7″ + bikes the others were riding.  I had my Contour helmet cam on the full-face so I will make a little vid.  Maybe I will mix up these runs with the runs I did in UT the past few summers.

Although I didn’t go down on either run, I was pretty “pumped” out.  I look forward to working some runs into my workouts, a great way to sweat your ass off and hone the technical skillz.


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