So the weekend immediately following my 24hrs of Old Pueblo MTB win, I ran in my first RAGNAR relay with a great crew.  I ended up running 17 miles in the 24 hours averaging 7:03 min/mi.  There are so many cool events in the Southwest in the early Spring and I want to do them all!  Problem is that my body can’t handle the early season jolt of back to back 24hr racing.  After this race my body shut down and I was sick for 3 weeks with an upper respiratory infection.  This in turn, set me back for my Sea Otter Singlespeed and DH races…

Since I live about 45 minutes from Wickenburg, Az where the race started, I had my lovely wife, Jodi, drop me off where I met up with the rest of the crew.  I believe my leg was #3 and we had been going back n forth between an all women’s team and I had some time to make up.  I blasted out of the transition area and caught our nearest competitior.  I glanced at my watch several times during that run and saw 5:40 several times….ouch, ‘lil fast bro…anyways I passed a couple athletes like they were going backwards, feeling good.
While Van #2 athletes were running, I guided us to the nearest Mexican restaurant where a couple of us got beers and margaritas…ahhh, that hit the spot.  We all settled in till about 9pm when we were up again running through the night will sunrise.  My leg at 2am was a 7mile stretch of New River Rd where I frequently ride.  I thoroughly enjoyed this time in the night and blazed past several athletes, never being passed.
Jake and I ended up sleeping in the van at Jesse’s house where the other 4 went in to sleep while Van #2 was at it again.  Just before sunrise, Jesse hit the run.  When my time came, it was getting warm again and I was re-energized.  Again I found myself running ‘lights out” and put in a sub 7min average for this 7mi stretch between Rio Verde and McDowell Mtn Park in Scottsdale.
Needless to say, my Hoka Bondi B shoes were the best selection for this race as well as the several pair of Injinji socks and CW-X Pro shorts as well as the Revolution tights.
Team Tribe Multisport finished third in the Run Shop Category!  Good job team!
Here is a list of goings on in our Van #2 as viewed from Luci Kovari (Joseph Major’s wife- Pro Ironman athlete)
Besties of Ragnar Del Sol:
– Vance, who wanted to make sure that we took enough breaks, “king of the porta-potties”
– Being chickened by the “Chickens”
– Eating mexican food in the middle of a running event. Thanks Travis! Lol.
– SShhhhhhs by Travis!
– Photo shooting of Jess by other runners while he was sleeping next to the van.
– Missing Jess while driving up and down like crazy. Ha-ha! Thanks to Octavia, we’re still alive!
– Jake being frightened by bats in the dark! “Bats, seriously???”
– Hmmm fading memories as I was half asleep/half awake.
– Leaving a little memory on Travis, the Ragnar Virgin’s car. “Where are my balls?!”
– Crushing at Jess’s place.
– Waitin’ and waitin’… and waitin’…in the line, then jump into the bushes.
– Enjoying the mexican food (again). In another format.
– Waiting for Jake while he was enjoying the following above.
– Almost being reported for the second time for illegal activities.
– Barely catching Vance at the run station again.
– Yeah! Courtney finished the last leg of our last part of Ragnar! Victory!
– Cleaning the van. Lost and found.
– Waiting at the finish-line.

About TMac

Je suis athlete. 1989- First ride across Iowa (RAGBRAI) 1992- First Triathlon Storm Lake, IA 1996- First MTB Race Phoenix, AZ 1996- First 24hr Mtb Race Moab, UT 1997- First ITU Duathlon World Championship Gernicia, Spain 1998- First Marathon Avenue of the Giants Arcadia, CA 1999- First Cyclocross Race Portland, OR 2005- First Xterra Triathlon USA Championships Lake Tahoe, UT 2005- First Ironman Triathlon Coeur d’Alene, ID 2006- First Leadville 100 MTB race 2009-First 24hr Solo MTB Race Oro Valley, AZ 2009-First Pro Mtb race Monterey, CA 2009- First SSWC Durango, CA 2010- First Downhill MTB race Monterey, CA 2010- First 104mi MTB race on a Singlespeed Cyclocross Bike Williams, AZ 2011-First 50k Ultra Speedgoat 50k Alta, UT 2010-First Fat Bike Touring in Colorado River Delta, Mexico

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